Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Welded Tubes & Pipes

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Factory Address : Survey No. 85/6/2/B, Khata No.1978 Manekpur Road Khatalwada 396120, Valsad – Gujarat

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality Assurance Plan

Process Sequence
Quality Characteristics
Sr.No. Operation Control Parameter Method of check Frequency Ref Documents Acceptance Standards Record format Moonlight
1 Raw materials checking Chemical composition Mill Test Certificate 100% ASTM A-312 ASTM A-312 TP-316 MTC Quality and Production Engineer  Raw Material TC Review by
Mechanical property Measuring Tape
Width Measuring Tape
Thickness Micro meter
2 Tube Mill Weld current Ammeter Starting of Mill Internal procedure Internal procedure Internal records Moonlight Tube Shift Engineer Report Review BY 
Mill Speed Three Reading/
3 In Process Inspection on Tube Mill Outer Diameter Micrometer Three Reading/Shift Internal procedure Internal procedure Internal records Mill Operator Quality Engineer Report Review BY 
Thickness, Length Micrometer
Weld soundness Flaring test
4 Straightening, Deburing Outer Diameter Visual 100% Internal procedure Internal procedure Internal records Straightening Machine  Operator / QC Report Review BY 
5 Pickling Acid Bath Visual One per Heat No. Internal procedure Internal procedure Internal records Operator  Report Review BY 
6 PMI Test Chemical composition Internal Procedure PMI Test One per Heat No. ASTM A-312 TP 316 Internal procedure Internal records QC/INSPECTOR WITNESS BY 
7 Hydro Test Test Pressure  Pressure Gauge  100% ASTM A 312 ASTM A 450 TEST REPORT Operator  WITNESS BY 
Leakage by pressure drop Visual 
8 Mechanical Test UTS Tensile Testing Machine  AS Per ASTM-A 312 ASTM A 312 ASTM A-450/
ASTM A-370
T.C. Q.A.Engineer Report Review BY 
YS  Flaring& Flattening test
% Elongation
Hardness Testing Machine Test Setups One per Heat No.
  ASTM A-312/A-370
9 Final Inspection  Outer Diameter Micro Meter  100% Cheked By MLTI ASTM A-312 ASTM A-450 T.C. Q.A.Engineer Witness By 
W. Thickness  Micro Meter 
Straightness  String 
Length  Masuring Tape 
Surface finish Visual 
10 Prepration of Test Certificate -- -- -- Internal Procedure Internal Procedure T.C. Q.A.Engineer TC Review by